Two Adults
You get adult conversation – nothing less! Expect frank conversation about what you need - and
expect feedback (both verbal and non-verbal) during the session. Men are often too “armored” and
one of our jobs is to disarm you! Talk makes the session a win-win situation. If you go away dissatisfied
it is usually your own fault! OPEN UP. Once you experience one of our full body massages you will
understand more about your nature as a male.

Trust and Privacy
What happens in our spaces – stays in those spaces. Trust is pivotal to our business. We do not share
your information, PERIOD!

Our downtown Toronto massage studio is comfortable, quiet, private and conveniently located within
several blocks of the Chelsea Hotel, Fairmont Royal York Hotel, Holiday Inn Downtown Toronto Centre,
and Best Western Primrose Hotel.

You will discover an atmosphere that helps set you at ease the moment you walk in. You will see a real
massage table; clean, fresh linens; and professional lubricants (not something someone grabbed off a
drug store shelf)! You will meet friendly, male practitioners who genuinely care about you!

We always respect where you are coming from. Even though we may not agree with you, we will never
overstep YOUR boundaries. The same goes for you - please do not ask us to overstep our boundaries.
No is no!

As professional practitioners, we have seen it all! Muscle jocks, fems, closeted married dudes, bears,
twinks, bi’s, guys with more stitches than Frankenstein and some flaccid penises you’d have to do a
double take to see, and conversely, some boners that would scare a horse.

It has no business here!

Draping (Covering)
Draping with a sheet is optional, but if you feel embarrassed, ask to be draped.

Massage and Sex
By engaging in a men4men massage session you agree verbally or non-verbally there may be sexual
feelings (see Respect, above). Unlike the training of most massage institutions, we recognize one
cannot separate the body from the rest of the being. Sessions FOCUS ON MASSAGE, but always
incorporate elements of light touch, which to some is quite erotic. This light touch counterbalances the
high energy associated with working out muscular tension against the low energy of feathery, sensuous
touch. Erections sometimes occur and are considered normal in the course of some massages.

Always Safe
We observe the medical “Standard Precautions.”
Celebrate Your Maleness!

Leave the madness of the city for a while. Come to our safe, sane and quiet oasis to unwind!

We are adult men...massage has been around since the dawn of man...male to male, or m4m touch is
indeed sensual, erotic, exhilarating, therapeutic and fun! For anyone to say otherwise is out of touch
with our humanity and maleness!

Men come to our private, quiet Toronto studio because they have unmet needs - from relief of
muscular discomfort to intimacy to a safe haven for meaningful conversation about desires they dare
not utter to others.

Initially, men come because they are curious about our extraordinary, certified massage work – they
return because they like our down to earth personalities and caring nature.

When you arrive, one of the first questions may be, “What was your fantasy on the way to this
session?” The reply is the foundation on which the session is built.
He said what?
Client Quotes -Absolute Heaven. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Eric
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